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  1. Read through our website to find the answers to most of your questions.

    Read our 100+ reviews on Angie’s List, Facebook, Nextdoor, and Google.

    Do we seem like a good fit for you? If so,

    Send an email to to schedule a telephone interview. Please include the following information:

    (a) Your address so I can confirm that you are in our service area and accurately price our visits?

    (b) Dates you need our service so I can check our availability?

    (c) What pets do you have (dog, cat, other)?

    (d) How many visits per day do you need? Do you need specific times?

    (e) Your phone number and the best time to call you. (I have availability most evenings)

    I will reply as quickly as possible and will let you know whether or not we can help you.

    Our initial interview will be over the phone. We will discuss your pets needs in detail at that time.

    When you are reasonably sure you want to hire us, we will set up a time to meet you and your pets, see where everything is located, and sign the paperwork. Please be prepared to provide the following at this meeting:

    (a) Two copies of your house key; and

    (b) We require a minimum $100 non-refundable payment to open your file and hold your reservation.

    This $100 will go towards the payment of your pet visits. You have one year to use this payment.

    We accept cash, check or Zelle sent to

    We prefer that all future reservations be made through email at


(1) Email is the most convenient for us -

(2) Phone is 2nd best (317) 260-1082 but causes games of phone tag.

(3) The contact form below works but can be glitchy and slower.

Please allow us a day or two to get back to you. 


North Woods at Geist

Indianapolis, IN 46236



7 Days a Week: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. (approximate)

First Name:*

Last Name:*



Address 1:

Address 2:






We at Comforts of Home Pet Sitting LLC ask every client for an emergency contact/backup person when completing our paperwork. It is best if that person is within walking distance of your home in case roads are impassible due to flooding, snow, ice, etc.

In the event that none of our pet sitters are able to visit your pet(s) for any reason, we will do the following:

  1. Call the client(s) at every phone number that was provided and leave a message stating the nature of
    the problem.
  2. Call the emergency contact/backup person that was provided by the client(s).
  3. Contact other pet sitters or family members who might be able to visit your pet(s).

If we are unable to visit due to bad weather conditions, we will arrive as soon as the weather conditions allow us to do so safely.

If you have not already provided a good backup person(s), please do so as soon as possible.


Why Should I Hire a Professional Dog Walker or

Mid-Day Pet Sitter While I am at Work?

  • Some dogs cannot hold their urine as long as others -- particularly the very young and very old, or those with health issues. A mid-day pet sit visit can bring them great relief while their owners are away at work.
  • Some dogs have way too much energy to be crated for long periods or left alone to get bored for long periods. A mid-day walk or play time gives them an appropriate and enjoyable way to release some of that energy and to get exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Do you often wish that you could go to the gym after work, do some shopping, or meet some friends, but you need to go home instead to let your dogs out? A pet sitter is a wonderful solution to allow you more freedom with less guilt.
  • Dogs are social animals who very much enjoy the company of others. If you are leaving your dog alone much of the time, please consider how much happier they would be with the stimulation of a walk or play time with a pet sitter.
  • Many people work long hours away from home and may even have a long commute to work. If that is your situation, please know that a pet sitter or dog walker is a wonderful option to allow you peace of mind and to bring some joy to your dogs.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

  • Most pets will be more comfortable, happier, and healthier staying in their own home as opposed to being transported elsewhere.
  • Save yourself the hassle of transporting your pets.
  • If you have more than 1 pet, you will probably save money by hiring a professional pet sitter.
  • When you travel, a pet sitter can give your home the appearance that somebody is there by opening and closing blinds or curtains, turning lights on and off, and bringing in mail, newspapers, and flyers, which is a good crime deterrent.
  • You do not have to feel like you are burdening your friends or family members with the responsibility of caring for your pets when you travel. Professional pet sitters are less likely to forget to visit than neighbors and friends who are not accustomed to this daily responsibility.
  • If your water heater springs a leak, or a similar problem occurs, a pet sitter will be there to discover the problem and notify you about it.
  • A pet sitter can water your plants and possibly provide other services while you travel.
  • A pet sitter will give your pets lots of individual love and attention right at home.

Be sure to choose a well-qualified, fully insured and bonded professional pet sitter with good references, and book as early as possible since good pet sitters are in high demand.

Text and images contained herein are owned by Comforts of Home Pet Sitting LLC.

None of the contents of this site may be reproduced or republished.

Providing pet sitting and dog walking in Indianapolis, Geist, McCordsville, Oaklandon, Castleton, Lawrence, Fishers & Fortville.

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